galaxy is commited to giving back to our community and works tirelessly to make their

community better. we have training and mentorship programs to help shape & guide

the next generation of electricians. 

Galaxy donates their time and resources to make their community a better place to live and grow up in. 

Galaxy holds a Community Christmas Celebration every year, donates to local charities, 

sponsors WTC Electrical School, attendance at The Villages Charter School Expo and is a

mentor of the Construction Management Academy for The Villages Charter School.  

Here at Galaxy, we believe that successful and profitable recycling begins with us.

                                           The industry average for waste generated at new construction sites is six pounds per square foot. Most of this waste can be put to another use, or better yet, be recycled if proper planning is done within the design phase. The primary objective of Galaxy’s Eco Waste Management plan is to salvage and reuse these items to lessen our imprint on the environment. Our plan at Galaxy is to initially reduce the amount of generated construction waste on projects by salvaging instead of throwing away, by reusing instead of purchasing again and by recycling back to original venders. 

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About Us 

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the experiance and knowledge you can trust

Galaxy Home Solutions is a full-service electrical contractor for new and existing homes and businesses for more than 20 years. We are backed by expertise and the knowledge you can count on. Our upper management team is comprised of leaders with extensive experience ranging from 26 to 50+ years in the business. 

We have three licensed Florida Electrical Contractors on staff. Our qualifying Master Electrician has had his EC license for 49 years and more than 50 years in the electrical industry. Our highly trained electricians use the latest tools and technology to enhance the overall productivity. Galaxy Home Solutions can help you with remodels, upgrades to existing home, repairs or new construction projects. We will provide you with the comfort, convenience, and security that you deserve.