Reset GFCI duplex:

   In order to properly test and reset a GFCI outlet, first, 

   unplug all appliances that are sharing the same circuit

   and press the Reset button on the outlet. You should 

   hear a click once the button is pressed. Now you can

   try plugging in your appliances and the outlet should be functioning again. 


 To reset a circuit breaker:

   Open your breaker box. Find the breaker that is not

   flipped the same way as all the others switch it to “off”

   (opposite direction from the other breakers) it should

   click. Then switch it to “on” position and it should make

   a click noise (aligned with the other breakers). If it does not click do it all again. 



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All your electrical needs by a license and professional staff

  • Installing new lighting, fixtures, and ceiling fans
  • Repairing faulty wiring
  • Whole Home surge protection
  • Upgrading electrical Service panel and meters
  • Repairing electric cables
  • Repairing/installing outlets and circuits
  • Custom wiring solutions for new construction and remodeling
  • Beautify our outdoor space with Custom landscape lighting!
  • 25-Point Electrical Inspections
  • Troubleshooting
  • Insurance Electrical Inspections 
  • Custom Landscape Lighting 
  • Whole House Stand-By Generator Systems
  • Safe Power Transfer Solutions for Portable Generator Systems
  • Insulation of spas, hot tubs, pools, Panels 



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Galaxy Installs automatic backup generator.

Galaxy Home Solutions is committed to quality, value-driven service, and they offer a One Year Warranty on all their work. Galaxy Home Solutions handles your entire project from start to finish with fast, reliable, and dependable customer service that exceeds industry standards. Our team of experienced electricians and knowledgeable professional ensure top-notch service for both residential and commercial clients. We can help you with your new, remodeled or existing home, and we provide you with the comfort, convenience, and security that you deserve. We are the only electrical contractor you will ever need. 😊🏡🔌

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Galaxy is an electrical contractor that is quality assured 

and a trusted expert. You will get experienced experts

who will deliver first-rate services while being professional, reliable and safe. The electrical safety of your home or business is paramount. Hiring a licensed electrician will ensure the work done is carried out safely and meets

the relevant safety standards.

Having Galaxy do your electrical work means you and

your family can rest easy knowing you are protected.    


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